In Praise of the Shimmymama

Life does not need to be fair all the time nor should we seek an explanation for why things happen the way they do.

Becky and Mira
Shimmymama & Mira

Life is defined as the presence of energy in its many intricate and brilliantly complex forms. I am just a traveler and observer here, carving out and exploring the many beautiful ways in which to live my life to its fullest.

I want to introduce you to one of my Soul Sisters. Her name is Becky, aka Shimmymama. Becky is an incredible artist, dancer, cook, mother of two amazing children, wife, daughter, sister, dear friend, and green-eyed-glitter-wearing goddess. The list could go on. Becky is not only a Soul Sister of mine, she is also my sister-in-law. I find it apropos to introduce you to Becky today because it happens to be the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in all good faith I am in the business of practicing and teaching self-care techniques to others.

Now, you ask, what do these three things have in common?

Becky lost her battle with inflammatory breast cancer almost three years ago. Her journey through the year she was ill is a daily inspiration for why I do what I do (just ask me sometime about my blue butterfly). It is a rare gift to have someone in your life that is as strong, determined, and graceful as the Shimmymama. In fact, Becky knew she was going to beat breast cancer up to the very day she transitioned ~ and I truly believe she did.

Becky’s type of breast cancer is still rare and is incredibly aggressive. It affects mostly young women and usually strikes during the hormone flux of the childbearing years (Becky’s presented itself about five months after our niece was born) and treatments tend to be unpredictable.

I do not mention this to scare you, but open yourself to be aware. Life offers us opportunities to meet true super heroes that come in the form of women (and men) like my sister-in-law. My message to you, ladies, is to take care of yourselves. We each have a Shimmymama within our circle of friends and family. We are given incredible instruments to play in this lifetime. Cherish your body. Encourage the women in your life to know and love their bodies. Become intimate with your inner wisdom and honor your entire being.

Life does not need to be fair all the time nor should we seek an explanation for why things happen the way they do. Accept that change is a part of the evolving process called Life. Energies transition and we celebrate a beautiful, but too short life full of love, laughter, dancing, and glitter….oooh, the glitter.

Until next time, I offer these words of wisdom for better or for worse. Please take them with a grain of salt, for we each live our own individual truths. Our mission while we are here is to understand, accept, and celebrate that one very simple, but incredibly significant fact. For all this I am grateful.

For more information, please go to the following sites:
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

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