2019: The Year of Self-Care

I’ve learned not to argue with my heart and soul.


Life is defined as the presence of energy in its many intricate and brilliantly complex forms. I am just a traveler here, carving out and exploring the many beautiful ways in which to live my life to its fullest.

2018 was an interesting year.

I’ll leave it at that for now, as I’m still processing so much of what moved through my little world last year that I’ve been prompted to truly look to 2019 and simply, tearfully ask, “What’s next, and how much can I truly handle?” What came back to me over and over again was not a new challenge per se, but more of a continual and gentle message from my heart and soul offering back, “It’s time to finally take care of you.”

Deep breaths.
More deep breaths.

I’ve learned not to argue with my heart and soul.

So! Welcome to 2019: The Year of Self-Care. While this concept has been super helpful and useful for me in years past, events last year deeply prompted me to re-prioritize my own specific needs in such a way that it’s no longer just a good idea to take care of My Self, but absolutely and utterly imperative.

Seeing this theme beginning to unfold over the summer months last year, I began to really test the waters in December and have needed to extend the process of inquiry and response through the entire month of January. Thus far, this inward journey has produced some amazing and unsettling revelations.

A handful of friends and community members have asked if I’d be willing to lay out and share my Self-Care plan for the year. While I love that idea, this is needing to evolve deeply and organically, sometimes moment-by-moment, for me to feel complete. What I can share are my commitments below while knowing the “Big Plan” is developing. There will most definitely be sweeping changes coming in the months ahead, so I invite you to check back in!

I’ve solidified my commitment to continue studying with Prune Harris in the U.K. this year, as my travels to and around the U.K. with Prune over the last couple of years have been soul-affirming and incredibly productive. I will also follow through with plans to continue on the two-year cycle of diving into the wisdom of my womb’s subtle energies that began with a gathering of women last May (also with Prune). One more commitment will be to offer a post every Sunday which will peel away and dive a bit deeper into how this theme of Self-Care will roll out for me in the coming months. Welcome to the first Self-Care Sunday post!

Self-Care today means I will consciously breathe a little deeper. I will walk my dog outside now that the temps are a bit warmer. I will continue to study for my upcoming exams to renew my EEMCP certification. I will drink fresh water so that my body feels deeply hydrated. I will meet with three cherished friends this evening to share a beginning-of-the-year check-in. I will go to bed tonight after writing in my journal and dreaming with this first New Moon of 2019.

My invitation to you…
I invite you to Self-Care with me, especially if you feel you’re not worthy of taking time for Your Self. I promise to gently hold your hand and sit quietly with you, blessing the space between us, and reminding you how very worthy You Are.

Until next time I offer these words of wisdom for better or for worse. Please take them with a grain of salt for we each live our own individual truths. Our mission while we are here is to understand, accept, and celebrate that one very simple, but incredibly significant fact. For all this, I am grateful.

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