Jennifer Mills

Jennifer Mills is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Reiki Master. She is also a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and received her B.S. in Environmental Resource Management with emphases in Biology and Industrial Health and Safety. Her boundless quest for helping others and strong drive for questioning has led her to pursue a career in complementary medicine, specifically working with the body’s energies and beyond.

Jennifer constantly finds herself inspired by nature, story, and the spirit of transition. We live our lives passionately through how we see our stories unfold, and nature gracefully mirrors this reality for us through the building and unfolding… The change in seasons, the shifting of our lives, the variations within a piece of music, art, and the shifting colors of a sunset. She is deeply rooted in her understanding that we are ever-changing creatures passing through an ever-changing, beautifully crafted world.

Jennifer’s passion resides in celebrating deep connection with the greater environment and with individuals; exploring the art of how connection is inspired, created, and maintained. The language of energies is truly an amazing platform between these elements, and Jennifer learned firsthand how powerful energy work is through her own healing journey. Starting in 2005, energy work proved to be profoundly instrumental for helping her move through an incredibly challenging time. The journey is still unfolding of course, and while Jennifer still works with clients, facilitates group experiences, and holds space in sacred ceremony, much of her external work at this moment is dedicated to serving as Communications Coordinator for Eden Energy Medicine Programs.

Jen in WoodsJennifer’s mission is to help heal and build community by helping individuals and groups become empowered by working with their own energy systems, in conjunction with creating clear channels of communication.¬†Embracing and celebrating this Spirit Path is creating a colorful tapestry of interwoven experiences upon which Jennifer can explore her own personal journey with healing and shamanic work.

Jennifer relishes spending time outdoors with loved ones and in solitude. She shares nourishing home space between Western New York and Central Pennsylvania, building an absolutely delicious and sensuous life with her beautiful and gentle partner David. They celebrate their two radiant daughters and all are entertained by their four-legged companions. She regularly surrenders in the here and now where wonder, joy, and awe sweep in to take her breath away. She feels incredibly blessed to be a part of a loving and growing tribe of family and friends who nourish and inspire one another.